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The study of blood spatter can provide a strong indication of how bloodstains have been created, helping to confirm the likely unfolding of events at a violent crime scene or within other circumstances.

What can bloodstains reveal?

If there is blood on clothing, weapons, surfaces or other items – or a suspicion that blood may be present – our blood pattern analysis (BPA) specialists can examine, identify and interpret the available evidence to produce trustworthy conclusions.

If blood is identified, its pattern can suggest how it was transferred and what actions may have caused it, often resolving disputes about a person’s actions. For example, if someone claimed they were going to the aid of a victim, but there was suspicion of assault, BPA could assist in determining whether they are being truthful by the nature of the stains on their clothes and body.

Blood samples for DNA

BPA can also determine which area of staining is likely to provide the most conclusive result if sampled for DNA testing.

Our experts at Aequitas Expert Witness Services Ltd are experienced in recovering a variety of samples from many different backgrounds, maximising potential testing opportunities from the very slightest traces of evidential material.

We can also offer an informed expert opinion if the circumstances surrounding the mode of blood transfer are in dispute.

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