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From CCTV images to mobile phone footage, video evidence can provide valuable proof of events to support a case.

Quality is of paramount importance

Matters such as picture quality and the format used can impact heavily on the effectiveness of video presentations in court.

Within our purpose-built video analysis facility, our experts use a range of specialist equipment to examine, process and enhance video evidence to the highest standards. We then provide it in a format for hassle-free viewing; protectively packaged and clearly labelled.

What exactly can we do?

Aequitas Expert Witness Services Ltd can work with all forms of raw material, whether CCTV, video tapes, discs, digital files from mobile phones and other devices, or non-standard formats. Our systems are built, configured and maintained in-house, allowing us the independence to adapt quickly to advancing technologies and new challenges.

Our services include:

  • Conversion of footage to standard viewable formats, including DVD
  • Video enhancement – clarification of poor-quality images
  • Speed adjustment and slow motion – including real-time and super-slo-mo (frame by frame)
  • Duplications and packages of exhibits, including jury image bundles
  • Digital encryption to prevent unauthorised duplication or digital editing of exhibits
  • Audio services – please also see our audio enhancement page for more details
  • Video reconstructions and 3D graphics to illustrate crime scenes
  • De-multiplexing – separation of multi-camera images
  • Still images – extraction and printing of frame captures
  • Masking of innocent parties
  • Frame averaging
  • Expert witness testimonies

We also offer a video investigation service, including analysis to discover non-obvious evidence; vehicle identification; speed estimate calculations; suspect height and build estimates; suspect and vehicle route identification; marking and tracking of subjects; and magnifying areas of interest.

To find out more or ask advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us. There’s no obligation to proceed with our services – just tell us what you need and we’ll do our very best to advise you.