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Trace evidence can help to prove that a person was present at a scene, as if a glass object or painted surface was damaged, microscopic fragments may have been transferred to clothing worn by that person.

How can this help a case?

The analysis of trace evidence can:

  • Repudiate a defence statement
  • Link suspects to the same scene
  • Link a suspect to a specific time and position

It is important that clothing is examined as soon as possible, as trace evidence may not remain for long. This can help to indicate how recently activity occurred.

What can trace evidence prove?

Aequitas Expert Witness Services Ltd can analyse circumstantial evidence to provide a supporting or opposing opinion, including proof that:

  • A fragment on a person’s clothing does not match that from a scene
  • The fragment matches, but is so common in nature that the meaning of the match is not as significant as the other side suggests
  • The fragment is a pseudo match, as it is from a third party object or person
  • The fragment is the result of secondary transfer, as it matches, but on the balance of probability it comes from contact with another individual who was present

Our resident trace evidence expert has over a decade of experience and was previously a registered forensic practitioner, as well as a member of the Academy of Expert Witnesses. He has been involved in thousands of cases and given input, whether written or oral, in trials or appeals in the Crown Court and Court of Appeal (Criminal Division).

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